Which Dog breeds Labrador Retrievers get along with?

You love your Labrador retriever and you started to feel like it is a good time to get another dog too. Which dog will get along with your Labrador retriever and most people ask the same question who has Labrador Retriever just like you.

Labradors are very friendly, easy going, naturally laid back dogs as you may already know. Of course each breed has different temperament and needs. Labradors are very intelligent, loyal, energetic on the other hand they are not very territorial or aggressive which shows how easy Labrador can be a good companion to the other dogs.

Friendly Labradors may get into a trouble easily because of their high spirit playful energy with aggressive and sensitive dogs. Be sure not to leave your dogs without supervision.

Taking your Labrador to dog park and see how your dog reacts with the other dogs would be the best action you can take before getting another dog. You will see how your Labrador is playing with other dogs or is your Labrador friendly to other breeds? See if your dog is good at the same activity level of the other dog breeds. This exercise is the best one before getting any new companion.

Labradors are good with cats as well as same size lovely dogs. Most people want to get same size larger dog breeds to keep both dogs busy. Nothing is wrong with that if both dogs are happy. Since you like Labradors you may want to get your second Labrador which is a good decision if you have enough yard, time to exercise and train both of them.

Dog training makes a big difference when you have well trained dog, every breed can get along with each other of course temperament is very important. Try to choose the dog in the close temparements to your other companions. Labradors are well known as a family dog which makes them more popular.


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